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If you have lived in Orange County for any period of time, you’re probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. If you have a stinging insect problem and you’re looking for a top-quality Buena Park bee removal specialist, then you’ve come to the right place!

Pest Control of Buena Park has bee removal specialists who dedicate themselves to staying current on the latest, most-effective bee removal methods and techniques in the business. We currently offer both residential and commercial bee removal services. Learn more when you call us at 714-576-2041.

Our bee removal experts work through the entire Buena Park, California area to remove the threat of stinging insects. We are able to get rid of Killer (Africanized) bees, yellow jackets, honeybees, wasps, and hornets. We will remove the existing threat, as well as work to prevent the stinging insects from returning. Our staff will also remove any of the debris or remnants left behind by the bees. This usually involves removing any nests and waste materials left behind.

Don’t let bees, wasps or other stinging insects ruin your outdoor activities – call us today!

Tips for Handling Buena Park Bee Problems

  • Do not bother the bees. If you stumble upon a nest or swarm of bees, keep your distance. Never swat at a bee. If a bee shows up near you, do not disturb it and it’ll go away. Be careful of Africanized bees as they do not necessarily have to be provoked to attack. These bees are much more aggressive.
  • Because nest removal is really as essential as the actual elimination of the bees, make certain that any Buena Park bee removal company includes this in their quote to you.
  • When our bee specialists arrive at your home, they’ll make certain that there are not any openings in the house, such as openings in the walls or gaps in your roof top, that the bees or wasps may use to go in your house. Protecting your family members and pets are our #1 concern.
  • Do not be deceived by the bee and wasp insecticides available in shops. These items are merely short-term solutions and they won’t get rid of the beehive.  Also, if the product does not work properly, spraying the bees will simply enrage them further. As mentioned previously, generally, bees only attack when they sense danger. Bee treatment is better left to specialists.
  • If you notice a nest or swarm, you must not approach it. Africanized bees may look similar to honey bees, yet are far more aggressive. We’ve known of people get stung greater than twenty times because they tried to get rid of a beehive with a broom. We can’t stress this enough: Stay clear of beehives. Bee attacks could be deadly to humans.  Our Buena Park bee removal specialists are truly passionate about safeguarding the families of Buena Park and take their work seriously.

If you’ve observed an increase in the quantity of bees you have seen around your residence, workplace or school, then it is a very good indication that presently there is a swarm of bees in the area. A nest of bees can contain between 5,000 to 40,000 bees! We most likely don’t need to tell you how risky a bee nest near your home is to your family and pets.

It is not  uncommon for bees to hover around a plant or tree for a while and move on. However, if you’ve noticed that the bees have been around in the area for more than a few days, then they’ve possibly taken up residence. You’ll want to consider your bee removal possibilities if it appears that the bees have constructed a nest.

If bees take up residence in your property, like in the attic, fireplace or wall, then you’ll need to call a Buena Park bee removal professional immediately to limit the damage to your structure. You don’t need to be worried about getting billed an inspection fee. Just provide us with a detailed description over the phone (714-576-2041) about the location and dimensions of the hive, and we can provide an estimate.

We provide flat rates and guarantees on our bee removal services, so you know we’ll do it right and you will know precisely how much it is going to cost. Phone us right away and we’ll show you precisely why we’re the favored bee removal company in Buena Park.

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